Short Scripts

Concrete Jungle (Drama)

"Mean Streets" as if inspired by Springsteen. The narrator, speaking in poem, guides this story of street hustlers and the downtrodden doing what they can to survive in the concrete jungle.

All Tapped Out (Drama/Mystery)

A tap dance instructor, haunted by personal loss, appears slightly unhinged. But, appearances are not always what they seem.

Fifty Dollars (Family Drama)

A workaholic father learns the true meaning of fifty dollars from his son.

Tyrannosaurus Sex (Animated)

A little bit “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” A lot of “Rocky.” With dinosaurs and sex. An animated comedy for the Stone Ages.

Pen Perry Stop Loss (An Ode to Alec Baldwin)(Drama)

A re-imagining of the famous Alec Baldwin scene from "Glengarry Glen Ross.'" A ball breaker named Drake is sent in to whip a group of sad-sack screenwriters into effective story pitchers.

Layla (Fantasy Drama)

A man literally dreams of Layla, a mysterious woman he has never met, yet desires. But he must first traverse the various dream temptations of other women (including Drew Barrymore) who attempt to thwart him from making a meaningful connection.

A Rain Remembered (Family Drama)

Art Weldon is content to stay inside and watch his beloved Pittsburgh Pirates on television. His seven-year-old granddaughter wants to go outside and play — despite a torrential downpour. A power outage scares the granddaughter and forces both to communicate with each other. However, it is Art’s stunning revelation of a rain remembered that stirs up haunted memories and forces him to seek comfort from his granddaughter, who comes to appreciate what she has.

The Wave (Comedy)

On a glorious day for sailing, Arthur Ruins attempts to explain the significance of "the wave" shared between recreational sailors to his bubble-headed girlfriend, Bebe. She's a quick and enthusiastic study, and shares her wave and a whole lot more with an unusual passing vessel.

Hack to the Future (Comedy)

A screenwriter attempts to pitch a technologically fantastic movie idea to a jaded Hollywood producer at a post-premiere party.

Trunk or Treat (Horror)

A boy with an abusive home life seeks some solace at a Halloween church event. But, he soon learns sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

Blood Trigger (Action/Suspense)

A female assassin, nicknamed "The Tarantula" due to her penchant for killing her targets like a spider, desperately wants out of the business. She envisions an opportunity at a new life when she falls for her latest target — a decision that triggers a bloody and surprising end result.

If Brad Met Billy Bob (Comedy)

A comedian riffs on “what would happen if Brad Pitt and Billy Bob Thornton ran into each other in a bar?” What would they talk about? Why, Angelina Jolie, of course. From the tattoos to the knives to the vials of blood to motherhood and her role as world ambassador, nothing is off limits.

Silence of the Bees (Drama/SuspenseThriller)

When a Kentucky farmer's honeybees disappear, the event sparks national coverage and debate, presenting the ultimate question of the fate of man if bees were to be wiped from the face of the Earth.

Time and Tide (Family Drama)

Faced with the prospect of being placed in a nursing home, a 72-year-old woman opts to take a cruise — and ends up living on the ship.