Silence of the Bees

Silence of the Bees posterLike any other day, Kentucky bee farmer Chester Wincott takes his routine stroll to check his beehives. There’s one problem. His bees are gone. Alarmed, he contacts the local county extension agent who, in turn, calls the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The incident sparks national media interest and becomes the topic of debate.

Based on real-life theories about the disappearance of America’s honeybees, this fictional account explores the origins of Colony Collapse Disorder, the experts and pundits who weigh in with the “whys”, and the eerie and possible inevitable result if the human race continues its current course.

Length: 12 pages

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Awards & Recognition

  • WorldFestWinner John Muir Gold Award – Yosemite Film Festival 2009
  • Winner (Gold Remi) — WorldFest-Houston 2009
  • Winner (Calypso Award) — Moondance Film Festival 2008
  • Winner (Thriller/Suspense) — The Indie Gathering 2008
  • Moondance Film FestivalShorts Winner (Drama-Second Place) — Woods Hole Film Festival 2008
  • Third Place — Terror Film Festival 2008
  • Finalist – Extreme Screenwriting Contest 2011
  • Finalist - Fantastic Planet: Sydney International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival 2010
  • Finalist — Gimmee Credit Screenplay Competition 2008
  • Runner-up — American Gem Literary Festival 2009 (Placed 20th out of 1,150 scripts)
  • Quarterfinalist – Canadian Short Screenplay Competition 2010
  • Official Selection - Going Green Festival 2010
  • Official Selection — Action on Film Festival 2008