Feature length scripts

Stages (Drama)

A classic coming-of-age tale of boy meets girl/boy loses girl/boy gets girl back. The film explores the relationship between Danny Huxtembaugh and Wendy Johnson — three years apart in age — from childhood until their early 20s.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Drama)

Hollywood’s most powerful producer tries to rectify his secret personal past while simultaneously shepherding a young director through a film shoot run amok and over budget, a situation that threatens to financially hemorrhage his studio.

Pulp Science Fiction (Horror/Sci Fi)

“Pulp Fiction” as a horror movie. Key characters overlap in three interlocking Halloween tales. Two Jersey party girls troll for men at a Halloween bash and meet a mysterious “jackal man”; a time-traveling, rock-and-roll scientist, hell-bent on curing AIDS, creates an earth-shattering result; and a reporter, back from a tour of duty in Iraq, and his photographer buddy discover the secrets of Rodent World, a bizarre theme park that is more than meets the eye.