Tyrannosaurus Sex

A little bit “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” A lot of “Rocky.” With dinosaurs and sex. An animated comedy for the Stone Ages.

Tyranno Steed and Chopsocky Alcoa, dinosaur champions in separate weight divisions of the M.M.S.A. (Mixed Martial Sex Association) are an item outside of the ring. But when professional rivalries drive a wedge between their relationship bliss, psychiatrist Dr. Pteranodon suggests they settle their differences -- in the ring.

Length: 30 pages

Awards & Recognition

  • Winner - Austin IndieFlix Showcase 2014
  • Winner - Downbeach Film Festival 2013
  • Second Place - Las Vegas Film Festival 2013
  • Semifinalist - Vail Film Festival 2013
  • Nominee - Sci-Fi Fantasy (Short) - Action on Film International Film Festival 2012
  • Official Selection - Action on Film International Film Festival 2012