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Ron Podell

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Greetings and welcome to my screenwriting web site. Since I was a small boy, I have been fascinated by the movies, what they impart, where they can take you and how they can inspire you in everyday life — and your dreams.

I know “overnight sensations” are not made over night. It takes years of hard work, commitment, diligence, patience and a firm belief and confidence to stay the course. I don’t have that Hollywood agent yet, but I am happy to say three of my short scripts (one of which I was a co-writer) have been filmed and were screened at a major film festival in Los Angeles during summer 2011. So, I’ve received my first writing credits. And that’s progress. Moving the word from the page to action on the screen. That’s the ultimate goal.

They say that story is king in Hollywood and that’s where it all starts. With that mantra, I named my business “It Starts With the Word, Inc.” Nothing else can really happen with a movie until there’s a script. A good script. No, a great script. Well, it can happen, but probably not well.

So, without further adieu, I hope you will take the time to look through my various scripts (feature-length and shorts), review my list of contest/festival awards, listen to my various interviews and filmed scenes of my scripts, and peruse my various film festival photo galleries. Maybe you’ll see someone you recognize. Thanks and enjoy.


Ron Podell